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Will a fetish harm my chances of getting a boy or a girlfriend?

If a person was influenced by balloons as an object to satisfy the person sexually through its youth, then the person will automatically compare its fetishistic activities with what it would imagine could be the "real thing" at the time it reaches sexual maturity. The opposite sex are in most cases automatically transformed into interesting sexual objects in combination with balloons during that period.

So it's a sort of dual sexuality, and unless the person finds one that has the same fetish as the person itself (one who already understands the fetich), may it be neccesary to convince a partner that it's not only the object alone that makes your day, but the combination of him / her playing with balloons that would. Unfortunately there is some people out there who prioritize their fetish way higher than their partner, which usually result in making that person very introverted, and some of these people do even quit searching for partners.

So basically I would say no, it does not affect your chances of getting a girl or a boyfriend, if you are able to override your needs a little if it's needed.

But don't worry ... If your partner loves you enough, I'm sure he / she will accept your fetish, and maybe even adopt it.