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Is there such a thing as having a non-sexual balloon fetish?


Even though the majority of the balloon fetish is sexually related in the connotations and usage of balloons, balloons can be enjoyed in an affectionate, non-sexual way as well.

This type of "true love" occurs much more among non-poppers than poppers because they do not want to lose what they love. Hugging, kissing, and loving balloons are some of the characteristics of people belonging to one of the many niches of the balloon fetish. 

Ask yourself what you like to do with your balloons, You should be proud of who you are, no matter what you like or don't like to do with balloons, and again, NEVER let anyone push you into doing something you dont want to do. But i again i'll like to mention that it is very important to be able to distinguish balloons or any other object you "love" from real human beings.