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Can a fetich like this be cured?

To change a sexuality, is like changing a personality. You can pretend you have changed, but you will always be lying to yourself and others. Sexuality is closely linked with many aspects of the human emotional life. So by destroying a dimension of your sexuality can be directly damaging to you, since it's like removing something you've always liked and identified yourself with. You should proceed very cautiously or better just leave it as it is if a sexual state has been firmly established for more than a year. The only time I definitely would recommend you to go into therapy, is where your fetish has only just begun, and you feel really REALLY embarrassed about it.

However, you should really consider the reason to why you wanna get rid of a very important part of your sexuality. What I'm saying is, that If your partner want to make you quit your fetish cause he or she just won't accept it, then maybe you should consider "quitting" your partner instead, to find someone who accepts you and your likes.