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One day i rejected her and told her that it's out of her business, but she knew me well enough to know it was something special. When she had teased me a little that I suddenly could not tell what was inside one of my packages, she threw the bomb:

"Is it because you have a little fetish?"

I was nothing less than stunned, and later that day I decided to tell her. She reacted the same way as my brother, so there hasn't been any problems since.

After that i told my other brother, and a couple of friends about it. They all accepted it.

Some day after I've created the website, I received an email from a man named Mikkel from a production company called Eyeworks. He would simply hear if I was interested to participate in a television documentary called "Denmark according to Bubber". A show that examines things the host really can't understand, and throws him into situations that tests these things. This time this thing was fetishes wich he wanted to talk with me about. I was a little overwhelmed, and had a chat with my mom about it. We agreed that it was my own choice, but the rest of my family had to say go for it first. So both of my sisters, my mother's husband, my father - even my grandmother knows that I have a balloon fetish today, and therefore im generally very openminded about it.