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Unfortunately the balloonland website really needs a search engine optimization. It was directly hard to find, which is of course a shame. So I created a website in Danish, partly to tell my own story, and partly to provide answers to those who might have feel like I did back then.

After I made the website, I witnessed a traffic volume of over 2500 unique visitors annually from around the world. It annoyed me i didn't do the site in both English and Danish back then, but I simply just couldn't find the time to do it. It is fortunately done now, and in the future it may even be translated into more languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike German and French.

After I got my case resolved, I continued just as I used to. But one day me and my brother was surfing online dating sites, when we began talking about our preferences for a future partner. I said I probably could'nt find one who had the same "thing" as I do. He asked me what i meant, and I found courage to answer. I expected the worst, but it was nice to get it out to someone that stands me near. His reaction was positive, he smiled and said "Damn, that was new.". I smiled back, explained a little deeper about what it was and showed him my collection of big balloons.

After some time where I comfortably had balloons delivered straight to my room, my mom got a new job which meant that she worked at home, why all the packages thus went through her. She didn't open them of course, but she asked what they contained. I normally used to tell her what was in my packages, and that payed back now.