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However, i achieved a breakthrough in my search a couple of weeks after. I found out that there is actually many others who shares the same sexual interest in balloons with me.

It was a fetish. A relatively unknown but pretty widespread kind actually.

I did more research to find out about what having a fetish actually means, because I did not know at the time.

Then I achieved another breakthrough, it turned out it's quite normal to have a fetish, and in comparison with many other fetishes, then the balloon fetish, aren't in my opinion not even the most bizarre one out there. So when I inccidentialy found balloonland.com, where I got the answers to the rest of my questions, I realized that after all those years I have regarded myself as a freak, I would now finally have some people I can talk and relate to!

Subsequently I became old enough to get a MasterCard, which i instantly used at an American webshop named Kaboom Balloon Importers from where I ordered my first 60" balloon, and some 34". I could not wait untill i would recieve the first shipment, and since then I have never used balloons smaller than 17" as the absolute minimum. Always round balloons, preferably black or red. Always the bigger the better!