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When I moved to another city, I still haven't found any answers. I spent almost all my spare time to search google, but I was also searching for something else. Once I saw a man perform climb-in balloon acrobatics and it fascinated me like crazy. In other words, I just had to own a balloon that big! There was only a few places in Denmark where i could get balloons that big, but for a 13 year old boy without a credit card, it was pretty hard to fullfill that wish at that time. So i created a password-protected note for myself for remembering what I should buy as an adult.

With regard to my search for answers, I posted a question on a letterbox for sex related questions funded by the government.

I asked if it was normal to be turned on by, and to fuck balloons like i do, and whether it was unhealthy. The answer was loud and clear, and formulated as a question:

"Is this a serious question?"

That made me very sad, and confirmed me in my thoughts about being a freak with strange perverse tendencies. Frankly, that sucked big time!