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In that moment I was left home alone after the door slammed, I was ready. My cock was rising just at the thought of what I knew would happen! I grabbed a balloon and began to inflate it. I was shaking a bit. I inflated it to the perfect balance between soft and hard, and then I lay on top of it and began to hump it. I enjoyed it fully, and when i was about to cum I felt that the shock was replaced by a rush of happiness and joy.

After that, I was almost constantly horny after balloons which is why I purchased new supplies nearly each time I was near the city.

One time I actually fucked a balloon on the toilet in a supermarket. It must have been really noisy, but I was so horny at that time that I did not care!

I got a more "normal" usage after that period, but the thing is that every single time I had been playing with my balloons I felt like a freak, and promised myself I would quit it because I thought it was abnormal and may be directly unhealthy to fuck balloons. It made me sad, because I needed answers. Why do I get turned on by balloons?! What's the matter with me?!

I could obviously never keep me away from it for longer periods, and I started looking for answers to my questions.