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When I was younger I have always had a different relationship to balloons than most others.

I have no idea of how I can describe the feeling I get whenever I am near, or interacting with balloons, but you probably know all about it if you an I share the same fetish.

My relationship with balloons was never sexual related until i was about 12 years old. It all culminated one day i was home alone. I went to the kitchen to grab a balloon which was intended to be a dog's toy. It was generally a rare phenomenon to find balloons in our apartment, so I had to grab some of them while i could.

I went back to my bed, and as i started inflating the balloon, I could feel my cock grow in my pants. It used to do that of some reason, so nothing unusual there. I kept my balloon close to my body, and since I only just got out of bed I was only wearing my underwear. I had a feeling something was not as it used to be that day.

I continued blowing, while I still held it close to me. My cock became harder each time I blew more air into the balloon. I felt a combination of joy, happiness and warmth inside me I've never felt before.