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From november 2011 until January 2012 we only knew each other online. But one day we decided to get together for watching lord of the rings, but i didn't get to see that much of the movie since we spend all the time talking with each other about our interests, our goals in life, education and of course our fetishes! I already knew she was into S/M since I stalked here fetlife profile to be a bit prepared, and when she asked aout mine i just told her like i thought she already knew since she must have seen my profile there as well. Surprisingly she didn't knew about my balloons, but she sounded very interested, and i decided to bring one of my big balloons next time we met to show her specifically what i like. And the rest is history, We have been together for a year by the 11th of february 2013, and she is everything i want in a woman; She accepts me as who i am, and she actually adopted the balloon fetish as her own. Seriously you can't tell she haven't always been into balloons, and that's just awesome!

I hope this has given you sufficient insight into my own history, if not please feel free to contact me. You are also welcome to contact me and tell me your story. I will always be appreciated.

Happy looning
Sincerely Dennis :)