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Then I suddenly got a girlfriend, who unfortunately did not like balloons. She disappointed me countless times by promising me to try it without keeping that promise. Once i got to try inflating a small balloon inside her vagina, but it was also the closest I came to an intercourse which involved my balloons. Fortunately, she had really big and beautiful boobs, so that compensated it a bit. Right now I'm single, and it is for sure that the next girlfriend I'll get has to like balloons, not necessarily like me, but at least be willing to try it for me. That would mean a lot to me.

About 4 months after my breakup with my ex, I created an account on a site named FetLife. I've heard that other looners were active there as well. One day i came across a picture of a user called Gaila. She was dressed in a latex S/M outfit, pointing a gun at the camera. I commented something like "So you wanna play rough huh? :D" without expecting an answer of any kind.
She surprised me by writing a message to me saying that she "is not only playing rough, she IS rough". and from that day we began to chat frequently.